May 30, 2018

The 3rd APMA Executive Committee meeting was held in Singapore

On the morning of May 16th, APMA Chairman Shunichi Tokura and CIAM Honorary President Lorenzo met with officials from Ministry of Law of Singapore, and National Arts Council, and discussed Singaporean government’s assistance to music creators’ issues and future cooperation.




On the afternoon of May 16th, APMA Executive Committee members had its first meeting in 2018 at the COMPASS Board room.  Chairman Tokura reviewed the APMA activities so far and invited the Executive Committee members to make reports of the issues in their individual countries. They also discussed the composition of the Executive Committee and how to finance their operation in the future.

They agreed to commission a researcher to make a study on the “copyright buy-out issue” in the Asia-Pacific region as a priority issue.  As reported by an Executive Committee member Thanit Chernpipat, they also agreed to support MCT’s “Return Right to Creators” campaign in Thailand where if a creator sells out his/her work to a record label, the creator has to pay performing rights royalties to the label even if he/she is performing the work by him/herself or is not allowed to perform his/her own song.


As requested by an Executive Committee member Yoon Myoungsun, the Executive Committee members made a short video in support of “Fair Music Korea” campaign. The Korean government’s tariff approval system only allows an unfairly low rate for public performances using sound recordings.  KOMCA has initiated a campaign to revise the current legislative regime which prohibits the exercise of music creators’ rights.


It was agreed that the 4th APMA Executive Committee and the 2nd General Assembly be held in Jakarta in November 2018.



Following the Executive Committee meeting, APMA had a joint session with COMPASS board members to exchange the views of the issues of creators’ interests.