July 16, 2019

The APMA 5th Executive Committee was held in Tokyo

The 5th APMA Executive Committee was held at the JASRAC offices in Tokyo on May 29, 2019.  Mr. Mahesh Khadka, a composer and Chairman of MRCSN (Music Royalty Collection Society Nepal), and several CIAM Exco members attended as observers.


With regard to the copyright buyout practice study in the Asia-Pacific region, which is a priority issue for APMA, the Executive Committee received a study report from Professor Alice Lee.  Professor Lee is to make a final presentation at the next Executive Committee and General Assembly in November 2019.


As a guest speaker, Dr. Felicity Wilcox, a composer and a professor of University of Technology Sydney, presented the fact that the ratio of females in the creative industry and also at CMOs are quite low, and emphasized the urgent need for the fact-finding research in the region.  To encourage gender equality is essential to ensure cultural growth and diversity.


Subsequently, each APMA Exco member shared the latest issue related to the creators’ rights in their own countries.  Mr. Khadka outlined the current situation and challenge in collective management in Nepal.


The Executive Committee discussed financing the expenses of the APMA activities.


The next APMA Executive Committee meeting will be held in Macau on November 28, 2019.


On the same day CIAM workshop was held at Keyaki Hall.  The panelists including CIAM Exco members and the CISAC Legal officer discussed the new EU Copyright Directive, the US Music Modernization Act and other international issues.


Over 70 Japanese creators participated in the workshop and attended the panel talks moderated by CISAC Legal Advisers.


Mr. Kaoru WADA , a Japanese songwriter, reported the situation of songwriters in Japan based on his own experience. 


The participants shared the latest developments of the international copyright protection and the local situation and exchanged the views.

From left to right:

- FILSCAP(Philippines) President Mr. Rico Rene Blanco

- WAMI(Indonesia) Board Member Mr. Irfan Aulisa

- CISAC Asia-Pacific Committee Chairperson Mr. Satoshi Watanabe

- CISAC Regional Director Mr. Benjamin Ng

- MCSC(China) Board Member Mr. Weiya Hao

- AGSC(Australia) Chair Gender Equity Committee Dr./Ms. Felicity Wilcox

- APRA AMCOS(Australia) Board Director Mr. Brendan Gallagher

- APMA(Japan) Chairperson Mr. Shunichi Tokura

- CIAM / SIAE(Italy) Honorary President Mr. Lorenzo Ferrero

- GEMA(Germany) Board Member Mr. Jörg Evers

- SOCAN(Canada) Past-President Mr. Stan Meissner

- BUMA-STEMRA(Netherlands) Vice-Chair of the Supervisory Board Mr. Arriën Molema

- KOMCA(Korea) Former Chairman, Vice Chairperson of APMA Mr. Myung Sun Yoon



- MRSCN(Nepal) President Mr. Mahesh Khadka